New Asthma Treatments

New Asthma Treatments – then why is Asthma on the Rise?

In recent years, cases of asthma have not only risen, but studies have shown they have more than doubled since 1980, from 3 percent of the population to 7.5 percent – which is nearly 25 million people in the US.

Doctors have many different theories on their views as to why asthma is on the rise, but there are no definite answers at this point.  Many people want to know if there are any new treatments since this meteoric rise, and exactly why asthma is on the rise.

Some doctors believe asthma is on the rise in part due to new asthma treatments.  The following paragraphs will discuss the answers to those two important questions.

Asthma Symptoms

Some doctors theorize that part of the reason asthma is on the rise is because there are fewer major diseases these days for our immune systems to deal with.  These doctors feel since our immune systems are under used, they tend to more often overreact to minor asthma triggers – like allergens. Once the lungs are inflamed, getting them back to normal can take major effort.

There are many other theories, as well.  People are living in urban settings more than ever, where they are often exposed to allergens that commonly trigger asthma.

These allergens include:

  • dust mites
  • cockroaches
  • mold
  • second hand smoke
  • exhaust gases
  • pollution from industry

Factor that in with statistics showing children are now spending far more time indoors, and that makes this theory a very good possible answer to the question of why asthma is on the rise.

Newer asthma treatments are more than just new medications; they are an entire new way of life for asthma patients.  Instead of just treating acute asthma attacks, doctors are focusing on crisis management, emphasizing the management of the disease by controlling your environment and monitoring your asthma.

What Causes Asthma?

Despite extensive research on asthma and asthma medications, there have been very few new drugs developed to help treat asthma. Largely, this is because current inhaler drugs tend to work extremely well in most cases.

The biggest problem with asthma inhalers is asthma patients fail to use them as often as directed. That is why asthma education is a very important part of all new asthma treatment.